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Debt Relief: What it is and do you qualify for it.

This is the first question that must be answered. If you are somebody who doesn't have any savings, aren't able to make full payments on your credit cards, don't have enough cash to buy basic necessities like groceries and are using a credit card for this purpose, then it is time to get debt relief. (It must be noted that everyone does not qualify for Debt Relief and you should belong to a certain criteria for doing so.)

Settle Your Debts as a part of Card Credit Debt Relief

If you do qualify for Credit Card Debt Relief, as a part of our program to relieve you of your debts, we first negotiate with credit card companies. As a result of these efforts, consumers are usually given a relief of about 50% in the amount owed, and it usually takes them between 12-36 months to become debt free.

Debt Relief on Your Credit Card through Credit Counseling

One way of providing debt relief is by lowering of the interest charges levied by credit card companies. With this debt relief option, a consumer can save his hard-earned money at a high interest rate and thus become debt free in a few years.

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Option

What do you do if you want emergency debt relief and have exhausted all of your other options? One of the alternatives is to resort to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When you do this, the debtor’s non-exempt assets are liquefied, and the creditor is paid by the proceeds of this sale.

An important aspect of this option is that if the debtor does not have any valuable assets, then he/she does not have to pay anything to the credit card company, which makes this best emergency debt relief option in terms of card credit debt relief.

Liquidation of Assets as a Debt Relief Option

In terms of American debt relief options, liquidation is a good idea if you own assets like properties, boats, etc; the selling of these assets can help pay off your credit card debts.

Obviously, this is a course of action that can only be taken by somebody who owns quite a bit of assets, and is understandably not a commonly used option.

There are many more American debt relief options, and we have the proven ability to provide them to our clients in the best possible manner.

"I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't answer the phone or breathe freely. The debts were really killing me. Your debt relief program has put my life back on track. I simply can't wait for the day when I will be debt free. From my experience, with you so far, I have full faith in your expertise and ability to help me get rid of all my debts."
Mike, New Haven, WV
"I was knee-deep in debt. Didn't kn ow what to do, until I called your co mpany! You guys are miracle worke rs. I was able to get rid of all my de bts in record time and without too much trouble. You are simply the best."
Richard, San Francisco, CA

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